What I do…

Partnering with CM Connect and other organizations from the United States and Europe, I focus on working with multicultural youth and families in the North Holland region of the Netherlands and throughout Europe.

These multicultural youth and families desire a place to fit in and belong. We not only provide opportunities for community development but also spiritual growth through camps, monthly and weekly events, and personalized training sessions.

Along with my non-profit work, I also coach gymnastics, do voice over work, and plan parties for birthdays or special events. It takes a little bit of everything to make ends meet. I’m thankful for my sponsors who help make this happen and the opportunities to earn money in other ways to make ends meet.

For more info about my business and ministry work, check out my business website: www.tec-nl.com

Check out my blog below (it’s not updated often and would be better to check my YouTube for more up-to-date info).



Ministry Life: It’s Good To Have Something On The Side For A Sense of Accomplishment and Completion

Ever felt that feeling of accomplishment after a great day at work? Ministry work is one of those jobs where you rarely feel that sense of real accomplishment and the work weighs on you 24/7. Ask anyone in ministry they’ll tell you there’s always something to be done or someone in need. And, you rarely …

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